Leaders at Validating Product Market Fit
in the Health & Fitness Industry

Welcome to the Active Idea Lab. Our mission is to do everything we possibly can to ensure your fitness or health product is market ready –  and if launched – provides the best possible experience for your customers.

Product Design

Secure your standing in the wellness, fitness, and health industry by validity your product design in a real world environment.

Product Analysis

Your product is analyzed by leading health and fitness technology experts, as well as field tested by potential users in real environments.

Detailed Reporting

You will receive comprehensive reports that include your product review, market analysis and additional feedback (where applicable).

Health Tech

Whether your product is a physical good or digital product, the Active Idea Lab is well-equipped to help ensure your product is a success.

Your Dedicated UX & Product Team

The Active Idea Lab team consists of various award-winning industry experts who have all successfully taken products to market. Product tests adhere to a refined process ensuring validity and objectivity. The result is actionable insights you can take away and use as part of your product refinement and go-to market business strategy.

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How We Do What We Do

The Active Idea Lab has access to a national network of real-world testing opportunities, including traditional modern health clubs, as well as corporate workplace wellness facilities. Our testing team is uniquely equipped to help you find out if your new product will find its market. We can also help validate existing products through thorough user expereince testing enabling you to take your established product to the next level. Either way, we use a refined product testing protocol to save you time and money within your product development cycle. Whether you are start up that needs to outsource your product team, or an established company that simply needs a testing ground Active Idea Lab is here for you.


Active's team of experts thoroughly analyses your product including any preexisting assumptions and market data.


A custom testing package is created just for you and your product. Each engagement is as unique as your product.


Your product is thoroughly evaluated and tested in Active's Idea Lab: real-world environments with real users interested in wellness products.


Your leave the Active Idea Lab with actionable insights about product considerations, market analysis and user feedback.

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